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With all that 2020 & 2021 has had to offer, Lund’s made it our mission to ensure making due by dates are one of them! Despite worldwide worker and material shortages, Lund is currently on track and up to date with all lead times! As you may know, at Lund Equipment we manufacture the highest quality key cabinets and key control systems. All of our products meet current U.S. Government ANSI & BHMA specs, as well as the Buy America Act.

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Lund Equipment is an American key cabinet manufacturer. Located in the Mid-West, we are family-owned and operated. 

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact one of our consultants today. Here at Lund we strive to give our customers exactly what their jobs/specs call for. We are always happy to construct custom cabinets, boxes, storage units, etc. to meet your needs!

Style No. CORE-551-3-154

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Style No. VAL-50

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Style No. D-LINE-SPEC-800

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About Us

Nearly a century ago, in 1940, E.J. Lund developed a metal key panel with hooks and labels for filing keys in a standard office letter filing cabinet. Easy and efficient, its use became widespread for many types of buildings and industries. In the present day, Lund now offers more than 100 different cabinets, panels, and products, all complete with our Key ID System for tracking and controlling key access. Keep your keys safe and secure with Lund quality products.


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