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Durable Wall Key Cabinets

Get the perfect cabinet for your home or business today when you choose our quality products. We make top-quality key cabinets that are built to meet the needs of a range of industries, including those that must meet specific government specifications. Select the right key cabinet for your home or business needs today by choosing a LUND quality 18 gauge steel cabinet or 20 gauge steel key panel. We make top-quality key cabinet systems that are built for a wide range of industries and projects that must meet U.S. government and ANSI specifications. 

LUND cabinets are designed to hold standard, automotive and large keys that can be hung directly onto hooks or by utilizing our strong vulcanized fiber key tags. Most cabinets are available with permanent and self-locking tags (often referred to as “markers” in building specifications). All of our accessories can be purchased individually for replacement or future expansion.

All cabinets and panels are available in LUND grey and come in a variety of styles — wall panels, wall cabinets, tabletop, floor model and drawer cabinets. They are perfect for many secure locales or even just as top-of-the-line storage space for your home, school or office.

Key Tag System

Floor Cabinet With Two Tag Key System

Cabinet Tag System

Each of the cabinets in our catalog has a zero-, one-, or two-tag system, as government agencies and many organizations will often require a security tag system. A no tag system is for when you are not interested in using our tags, and only want your cabinet to come equipped with leaflets. We offer plastic and aluminum tags, each of which comes equipped with vulcanized fiber — making them more durable than many competing designs.

Featured Custom Key Cabinets

The professionals at Lund Equipment are always happy to construct custom cabinets designed to meet your individual needs. All we need is some information from you to provide you with a quote and the dimensions for your cabinets. When reaching out to our professionals, please specify the following information so we can provide the perfect cabinet:

1. What kind of keys are you hanging?
2. How large are the keys? Please provide pictures or precise dimensions if possible.
3. How many keys will you be hanging?
4. Will the keys be hanging directly on hooks, or will they be hanging on key rings?
5. If Hanging on key rings, how large are the attached keys and how many per ring?

Built to the Highest Standards

All Lund Equipment cabinets are made right here in the U.S.A. and conform Interim Federal Specifications AA-C-30D, Class A-Type II System or II and FF-T-77B, as well as meeting all BHMA, ANSI, and SPEC requirements. Contact us for custom key cabinets, including any of the following cabinets and key systems:


  • Dual Locks - Single Door Cabinets Only
  • Hook lengths 1/2" & 5/8"
  • Numbering of tags - Consecutively up to 4 digits
  • Plastic Tags for Color Coding
  • Combination Locks- Single Door Cabinets Only
  • Single Door Cabinets with Best Removable Core Cylinder
  • Cabinets with Removable Panels, Including Panels That Have Carrying Handles


  • Special Spacing of Hooks and Dual Hooks
  • Prison Key Cabinets - Prison and Standard Keys
  • Built-to-order Key Cabinets to your Specifications
  • Special Tags of Brass, in Oval, Round or Octagonal Shapes


Locks - Under Lock Types Available on Single Door Wall Units:
  • Touchless (Lockey)
  • Dual and Triple Cam
  • Key Alike or Key Different
  • Best Removable Core Cylinder
  • Ace Tubular
  • Combi-Cam
  • Less Lock Allowance
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