secure key access control 

No matter what application, Lund Equipment has a cabinet to meet your specific storage requirements. Many of our cabinets can be expanded to grow with your business or personal needs using our full line of panels and accessories. 

Key Tag System

Floor Cabinet With Two Tag Key System

Cabinet Tag System

Each cabinet listed in our catalog has the option to come furnished with our 2-tag, 1-tag or no-tag systems, as government agencies and many organizations will often require a security tag system.   

Featured Custom Key Cabinets

The professionals at Lund Equipment are always happy to construct custom cabinets designed to meet your individual needs. We need some information from you to provide you with a quote and the dimensions for your cabinets. When reaching out to our professionals, please specify the following information so we can quickly provide the perfect cabinet design:

1. What kind of keys are you hanging?
2. How large are the keys? Please provide pictures or precise dimensions if possible.
3. How many keys will you be hanging?
4. Will the keys be hanging directly on hooks, or will they be hanging on key rings?
5. If hanging on key rings, how large are the attached keys and how many per ring?

Built to the Highest Standards

All Lund Equipment cabinets are made right here in the U.S.A. and conform Interim Federal Specifications AA-C-30D, Class A-Type II System or II and FF-T-77B, as well as meeting all current BHMA, ANSI, and SPEC requirements.

lock options for single door wall mounts

Choose the right lock for your cabinet needs: wall cabinets come standard with a cam lock. Customizing your Lund key cabinet is easy with Lund's extensive assortment of locks. Talk to one of our friendly reps about modifying your cabinet.
  • Standard Cam Lock (keyed alike or keyed different)
  • Digital or Combination Locks
  • Removable Core Cylinder Housing installed (core not included)
  • Dual or Triple Lock
  • Keyless Slam Lock (with or without audit trail)
  • Tubular Lock
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