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Our Representatives

Company Name Territory Contact Phone Number Website
Controlled Access Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi Kyle Albrecht: 954-252-9210
DL Collins Arkansas, Lousiana, Oklahoma, Texas Stephanie or Jeff: 817-461-1055
GS Sales & Marketing Kentucky, Ohio, West Pennsylvania, West Virginia John Guzowski: 440-331-2920
Craig Shanahan: 440-331-2920
Email John
Email Craig
Hardware Agents Michigan 616-363-3461 -
Hughes Agency Alaska, Washington, and Oregon Ann Lyon: 253-939-8115 Email Ann
KBO Sales Florida Kyle Albrecht: 954-252-9210 Email Kyle
KM Thomas Company Canada Kathy: 416-798-0611
Oberting & Assoicates Main Office Indianapolis, Indiana. Call on Indiana and Kentucky. Ken: 317-697-2190 Email Ken
Patterson Sales S. Illinois, OWA, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska 816-221-3322
Paul J Polke New York, New Jersey Scott: 800-526-1179
Premier Hardware Alaska, Oregon, Washington Randy: 253-939-8115 Email Randy
SBS Associates, Inc. N & S Carolina and Tennessee Tom: 770-923-9227
Email Tom
Smoot Associates, Inc. New England Bill: 781-826-7706
Steele-Brez & Associates Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming 800-321-7233
The Spargo Group Illinois, Wisconsin John: 630-516-9092
Wespac Corporation Overseas Export Main: 415-468-6350
John: 415-468-6350 Ext 116
WJ Schelp & Associates Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Wisconsin Bill: 414-453-3615